March 2, 2024Anmol Nagpal

AI could pass human tests in five years, says Nvidia CEO

Nvidia Chief Executive Jensen Huang said that artificial intelligence could - by some definitions - arrive in as little as five years.

Source: Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang

If the definition is the ability to pass human tests, Huang said, artificial general intelligence (AGI) will arrive soon.

Source: Nvidia

As of now, AI can pass tests such as legal bar exams, but still struggles on specialized medial tests such as gastroenterology.

Source: Pexels

But Huang said that in five years it should also be able to pass any of them.

Source: Pexels

Huang also addressed a question about how many more chip factories, called "fabs" in the industry, are needed to support the expansion of the AI industry.

Source: NVIDIA

Huang said that more will be needed, but each chip will also get better over time, which acts to limit the number of chips needed.

Source: Unsplash