December 25, 2023Gauri Joshi

Check out 5 wearable technology categories you didn't know existed!

Gadgets have integrated into our lives, but they are not limited to smartwatches and earbuds we use day in and day out.

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From smart bracelets with health trackers to smart earrings that transport music to listeners from earlobes, smart jewellery also includes foldable phones and smart rings for activity tracking

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With 70 metrics to assess sleep, activity and readiness, the sleek ring is 3.5mm and gives a comfortable finish in 7 size fits, with advanced design and features for health monitoring and body metrics

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The smart dress by Adobe was launched in October this year during their conference and can change colours and also display motion and patterns akin to smart lighting

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The smart business suit by Samsung connects to devices and also exchanges business cards digitally

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Virtual reality glasses are being used to induce vision and sensory aid to the visually impaired

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Launched in the last decade, Google Glass became a rage for integrating smart technology in specs before it was discontinued in 2023 citing more research requirement before launch.

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Smart patch infuses medicine into wounds and also tracks progress of recovery

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Smart implants are a boon for orthodontic and surgical operations

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