March 1, 2024Anmol Nagpal

Google takes action against 10 Indian apps over billing policy

Google said that it is taking action against 10 companies that have chosen not to comply with the company's app billing policy.

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The development is the latest escalation in the ongoing standoff between the tech giant and local internet companies.

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This action can include removal of non-compliant apps from Google Play, the company said.

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In February, Supreme Court refused to pass an interim order protecting internet firms such as from being delisted from Google's Play Store and listed the case for hearing on March 19.

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A group of over 30 Indian app developers wrote to Google, requesting the tech giant to "exercise restraint" and not take any "precipitation action" to delist apps from Google Play Store until March 19

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Google said that some of the developers that were refused interim protection have started fairly participating in the company' business model and ecosystem.

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