April 1, 2024Business Desk

Japan, EU in talks for cooperation on tech material to reduce reliance on China

Japan and the European Union are set to start discussions on collaborating on advanced materials for next-generation chips and batteries, to reduce their dependence on China.

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Iliana Ivanova, EU Commissioner for Innovation and Research, conveyed in a written interview with the publication that a dialogue in areas of mutual interest would be advantageous for both parties.

Source: EU

The anticipated framework, expected to be initiated as early as April, is in response to an EU initiative and is intended to address the challenge of reducing reliance on China.

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These materials are essential components in various applications, including electric vehicle batteries, according to Nikkei's report.

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On March 29, the Biden administration also implemented revised regulations intended to restrict China's access to American-made artificial intelligence (AI) chips and chipmaking tools.

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The adjustments, a response to national security apprehensions, aim to impede Beijing's progress in chip manufacturing.

Source: PTI