November 30, 2023Business Desk

Microsoft takes up non-voting, observer role on OpenAI board

Microsoft's Role: Microsoft takes non-voting, observer role on OpenAI board.

Source: Microsoft

Governance Shift: Nadella emphasizes governance changes, prompting Altman's return.

Source: Satya Nadella

New Leadership: New board announced with Bret Taylor as chair, Larry Summers, and others

Source: Bret Taylor

Investment Impact: Microsoft invests $10+ billion, no confirmed seats for investors on non-profit board.

Source: Unsplash

Management Change: Altman returns as CEO, Brockman as president, highlighting joint leadership.

Source: Sam Altman

Scientist's Exit: Chief Scientist Ilya Sutskever, involved in Altman's removal, departs board. Discussions ongoing for continued contribution.

Source: Ilya Sutskever