January 16, 2024Anmol Nagpal

OpenAI announces restrictions on use of its AI

OpenAI has made a number of policy changes to prevent its generative AI-based technologies such as ChatGPT, Dall-e and the rest from undermining the 'democratic process' during upcoming elections.

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Notably, the world's leading democracies, including the US, UK and India, will go to the polls this year.

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“We want to make sure that our AI systems are built, deployed, and used safely. Like any new technology, these tools come with benefits and challenges, OpenAI wrote in a blogpost"

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"As we prepare for elections in 2024 across the world’s largest democracies, our approach is to continue our platform safety work by elevating accurate voting information, enforcing measured policies,

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“We work to anticipate and prevent relevant abuse—such as misleading “deepfakes", scaled influence operations, or chatbots impersonating candidates." the Sam Altman led startup added.

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OpenAI's new policies ahead of 2024 elections:

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OpenAI will allow its technology to used for political campaigning and lobbying. The company is also resticting creation of chatbots that can pretend to be real people or local governments.

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The AI startup said that it will also not allow applications that will deter people from participating in the democratic process like discouraging voters or misrepresenting qualifications.

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OpenAI has also announced that it will implement a provenance classifier in order to help users detect images generated by Dall-E.

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Prior to this announcement, Meta, owner of social media giants like Facebook and Instagram, had also barred political advertisements from using its generative AI based ad creation tools.

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