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'What Lives In A Tiny House All Alone' Riddle And Solution | Test Your Creative Thinking

Here is the 'what lives in a tiny house all alone' riddle and its answer. This simple riddle will test your creative thinking skills.

what lives in a tiny house all alone

Most people are cooped up inside their homes due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Many are feeling anxious during these trying times, as people have nothing to do during their stay at home. Which is why netizens are now sharing and solving riddles/puzzles on social media and Whatsapp.

These puzzles/riddles help people stay active during the COVID-19 lockdown. Moreover, they also force you to think and sharpen your wits. Here is the 'what lives in a tiny house all alone' riddle that is popular on social media and Whatsapp. 

'What lives in a tiny house all alone' riddle

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The riddle goes as follows, "I have a little house in which I live all alone. It has no doors or windows, and if I want to go out I must break through the wall. What am I?​" The riddle is simple and easy to solve, but it still requires creative and out of the box thinking. Take as much time as you need to solve this riddle.

Here is a hint, the riddle is not talking about a real house in the traditional sense. Keep that in mind while solving the riddle. If you are unable to solve the riddle or want to verify your answer, there you can check below to find out what the real answer is. 

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'What lives in a tiny house all alone' answer

The answer to the 'what lives in a tiny house all alone' riddle is an 'Unborn chick in an egg'. The eggshell is the 'small house' that the unborn chicken lives in. The shell has no windows or door and the chicken is trapped inside until it is ready to be born. When it is finally ready to be born, it needs to break open the shell, basically breaking through the walls of its house. Hence, the answer to the riddle is a chick in an egg. 

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There are hundreds of riddles like this one on social media and Whatsapp. Due to the pandemic, several netizens are sharing and solving these puzzles to keep themselves entertained and busy. These puzzles/riddles will also help you test your creative thinking and logical reasoning skills. 

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