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Dinosaur Remains Found In Australia; Fossil Remains Estimated To Be 95 Million Years Old

The team of paleontologists have reportedly unearthed the remains of what they suspect to be a brand-new species of herbivorous dinosaur buried in Queensland


IMAGE: Pixabay

A team of paleontologists have reportedly unearthed remains of new species of herbivorous dinosaur buried in Queensland in Australia. The paleontologists estimate that the fossil remains are 95 million years old, reported by 9 News. They have so far discovered the dinosaur’s vertebrae and the team is optimistic about collecting the remaining skeleton. The remains were uncovered at a site from the Eromanga Natural History Museum.

Fossils of dinosaur discovered in Australia

The palaeontologists discovered parts of a spine and they suspect it to be new herbivorous species. Robyn Mackenzie, Director and Palaeontologist for the Eromanga Natural History Museum, told 9 News that the bones likely belong to a new species. She added that they might be a new dinosaur. These species are estimated to be around 95 million years old and added that most of the remains of the dinosaurs found in Australia are expected to be new to science. Mackenzie feels that they are probably going to be Australia's youngest dinosaur. 

The team would require three to five years for the entire dig, reported 9 News. They believe that the dinosaur is a member of the sauropod family. These species are a large plant-eating dinosaur and according to Britannica, these species have a long neck, small head and stubby legs, reported 9 News. The site was first discovered by Robyn Mackenzie's son and daughter-in-law in 2018 who saw bones sticking out of the earth. The location was then flagged and the team started the dig a week ago. Mackenzie said that the local excavation sites are some of the richest dinosaurs fields in Australia.

IMAGE: Pixabay

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