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Chinese Stooge Has Temerity To Mock India Over Covid; Put In Place With Surgical Precision

Under global scrutiny over its response to the Coronavirus, China on Sunday called India the "new epicentre" of the pandemic. He was headed off by netizens


Under global scrutiny over its response to the Coronavirus, a Chinese mouthpiece stooge on Sunday called India the "new epicentre" of the pandemic. Editor of the Chinese Communist Party's mouthpiece Global Times Hu Xijin said that the rise in COVID-19 cases in India is "continuously setting world records." He claimed that in the Chinese mainland, 0 new local cases have been reported.

'Can India fight a war?"

"India is far behind China not only in hard power but also in social mobilization capabilities," he said on Twitter. The Chinese stooge also tried provoking New Delhi by asking, "Can India fight a war?" However, it is to be noted that China's COVID-19 numbers have been suspiciously looked upon by several nations with many believing that the Chinese government masked the reality, whereas it is of little doubt that an autocratic hush up and false information in tandem with the WHO allowed the Coronavirus to reach every corner of the world.

According to official numbers, there have been only 4,634 deaths in China from COVID-19. The government has largely contained the outbreak through a serious of strict lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Twitter users in India did not fall prey to the 'psychological warfare' of the propaganda spreading Chinese stooge. Many of them reminded him of the dictatorship in the country and India's transparency in reporting the cases.  "We are not scared of the Chinese virus and Chinese army both, we can deal with both," a Twitter user said. 

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Here are some of the reactions: 

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