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Violent Clashes Break Out In China Over Strict COVID-19 Lockdowns | Watch

Violent riots have ensued across Chinese cities following stringent lockdowns that have been imposed by the government to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

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Violent riots have ensued across China following stringent lockdowns that have been imposed to curb the spread of the coronavirus, with 32,695 domestic infections recorded on Friday, according to the National Health Commission. Videos of public outrage have made it to social media, encapsulating the plight of Chinese citizens. Most of the riots have erupted in the city of Guangzhou, where locals have resorted to breaking down quarantine barriers, knocking down barricades to escape lockdown zones, and throwing items at authorities. 

A disturbing clip shared on Twitter features a woman being restrained by masked authorities, possibly being forced to undergo a COVID-19 test. Another video displays locals and authorities engaging in a violent clash in an area scattered with broken barricades and railings. 

However, the cause of the outrage isn’t just China’s strict zero-COVID policy, but also the Foxconn debacle. The Chinese police targeted workers who were protesting against poor working conditions and salaries at Foxconn, the largest factory for assembling electronics such as iPhones.Clips shared online display hundreds of police officials in white masks suits and shields, attacking hundreds of protesters.

Is China's zero-COVID policy failing? 

Meanwhile, China continues to be in the chokehold of the virus, which infected 32,695 people on Friday alone, according to the country’s National Health Commission. Earlier on Thursday, 31,444 new infections were recorded, according to The Guardian. The alarming figures come as a big blow to China’s Communist party, which remains adamant on its “zero-Covid” plan, a strategy that aims to put every single case in isolation.

Earlier this week, the government ordered lockdowns in multiple districts of Zhengzhou, restricting residents from leaving unless they possess a negative Covid test report as well as written permission. The restrictions directly impact nearly half of the populace of the city. What makes them more distressing is the government’s “closed-loop management,” which allows factories to operate, but forces workers to live inside their workplace without any contact from the outside world. 

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