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Norway PM Fined Rs 1.76 Lakh By Police Over COVID Rules Violation At Birthday Celebration

Norway PM, who championed stricter rules to curtail the spread of the virus, was herself caught flouting social-distancing norms and was fined.



Sending a strong message to the world, the Norwegian police on April 9 fined Prime Minister Erna Solberg for flouting COVID-19 social distancing rules while organising a gathering to celebrate her birthday. A fine of 20,000 Norwegian crowns ($2,352) was charged, as per police chief Ole Saeverud. 

Despite a limit of 10 people being set by the government for gatherings, PM Solberg organised a 13 member get-together to celebrate her 60th birthday at a mountain resort in late February, which of course did not go unnoticed by the police and she was fined. 

Justifying the fine, the police said, "Though the law is the same for all, all are not equal in front of the law, and it is, therefore, correct to issue such fines to uphold the general public's trust in the rules on social restrictions."

Though PM Solberg was not immediately available for comments, she came forward to apologise. 

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Norway has reported 1,02,379 COVID-19 cases, of which 88,952 have recovered while 684 have succumbed to the infections. The country is seeing a rapid rise in infections in  2021, led by more contagious variants of the virus, which has forced the government to tighten restrictions in late March. two-time PM has time and again pressed for stricter rules and regulations to curtail the spread of the infection. 


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