China Sends 1000 Single People On 'Love Express' To Find Love On Train

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In an unusual attempt to help find it’s 1000 youngsters their special someone, China has sent them on a two-day journey to help them find love on a train.

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While falling in love could sound a little mainstream, China feels that it might be able to use the cliched 'Rom-Com' setting for the benefit of its youth. In an unusual attempt to help find it’s 1000 single youngsters their special someone, China has sent them on a two-day train journey to help them familiarize themselves with each other and eventually hit off romantically.

'Love Express' took 1000 single people to find love

Y999 'Love-Pursuit Train', that was launched three years ago as a creative platform for young people to meet has a goal to help over 30 million single Chinese. The train has garnered popularity over the years and this year, 1000 people took the journey to explore new boundaries and meet new people.

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This year, on August 10, the Love Express departed from Chongqing North station for a two-day journey with an overnight stay. The travellers on the train stopped over the ancient water town of Zhuo Shui where they enjoyed traditional performances and a 1000 people banquet. People have loved the idea behind the initiative and feel that even if the train does not help them find love, it would still help them make a lot of friends.

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People are loving the idea

According to Huang Song, one of the participants on the Love-Pursuit Train, these activities are more creative than matchmaking. She also says that she feels a train is like a bridge, bringing people from different places together, to get to know each other during the journey. According to reports in China, out of the 3,000 youngsters have ridden the love train on its three annual trips, 10 couples have gotten married after finding each other on the rail service. 

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Another person who found love on the train told China’s, 'We only got to know each other on the return trip and realised we had matching values,'' adding, “We realised that we both wanted the kind of love that is depicted in the poem "To the Oak Tree" when both sides admire each other but remain independent.” She also said that they enjoyed being together and it felt natural and easy and not at all coy.

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