Hamza Bin Laden's Death An 'important Accomplishment': Sushant Sareen

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The White House, on Saturday, announced that Osama bin Laden's son, Hamza bin Laden has been killed in a United States-led counterterrorism operation.

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The White House, on Saturday, announced that Osama bin Laden's son, Hamza bin Laden has been killed in a United States-led counter-terrorism operation. The statement also said that he was killed in an operation in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region.

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Expert's take

Strategic Affairs expert Sushant Sareen, speaking exclusively to Republic TV said, "I don't know how much of a setback it is for the Pakistanis, but it will change a lot of things as far as the war on terror is concerned. The point is that many in the American system themselves have been saying that the Al-Qaeda has been defeated and ousted in the Afghan-Pak region but clearly, if you are getting Hamza bin laden who was virtually the heir apparent and seen as the man who would succeed al-Zawahiri as the Al Qaeda chief in time, it means that the Al-Qaeda is very much present." 

Dr Sreeram Chaulia, another strategic affair expert blamed the increasing and continuing terror based activities on the failure of the Pakistan government and the intelligent agencies. He said, "It is a known haven for global terrorists and they have also been fermenting ISIS factions in Afghanistan so the Pakistan intelligence agencies are disguising their track and also supporting lots of terrorist organization that aim at the west, not just at India and Afghanistan. So both ISIS and Al-Qaeda have a foothold in the lawless parts of Pakistan where the intelligence agencies of the state themselves operate like warlords. So ISIS has taken over vast swaths of territory in the region that divides Afghanistan and Pakistan where they do narcotics trade, they run mafias, and they use Taliban. Al-Qaeda is important for these strategic gains so this is the root cause of the problem in the region."

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Hamza's threat

Hamza’s last known public statement was released by al Qaeda’s media outlet in 2018. Hamza bin Laden had been given a more prominent role within Al-Qaeda and was considered to have the capability to follow through with his threats. Hamza’s popularity was increasing amongst followers of Al-Qaeda and had become the most probable successor of a new version of Al-Qaeda. Hamza was seeking to grow Al-Qaeda’s network and use a new phase of terrorist attacks in major western cities to raise his profile and announce the return of Al-Qaeda with himself as the new leader. 

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