Mr Bean? UK Man Opens Can Of 'beans', Finds Just One Bean And Juice

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Steve Smith, bought a can of beans from Heinz, but to his surprise instead of a can filled with beans, he just got a single bean. Heinz later apologized to him

Written By Aanchal Nigam | Mumbai | Updated On:

Steve Smith, bought a can of beans from Heinz on September 3, but to his surprise instead of a can filled with beans, he just got a single bean. Smith took to twitter to tag HeinzUK informing the company that while he liked 'bean juice' as much as most people, he did want more than one bean in his can of beans.

Steve, a 41-year old Conservative councilor in Bristol, England, found the incident to be annoying but also funny, and he hoped that other Twitter users could aso find the humour in the situation.

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Heinz Beanz

An average can of Heinz beans contains approximately 460 beans and Steve Smith purportedly said he consumes a can every couple of weeks. When Steve took on twitter to complain about his single bean, HeinzUK issued an apology saying they were apolgetic for the mistake. They also asked Steve to message them the codes underneath the can, so that they could help their consumer handle the mishap.

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Netizens, amused

While Heinz apologized, other internet users also took the opportunity to reply to Steve Smith with some unique puns with some users calling Steve 'the real Mr. Bean'.

Another user used the situation to make a Brexit jibe, saying that the can was likely new Brexit beans which are full of substance but no delivery. While others called the soup as a "bean soup" instead of a beans soup.

Others told Steve that they hoped that he didn't have to share the single bean with anyone. Some internet users also called it cruel to for any food-loving person to get a single bean. Others also think the video posted by Steve Smith showing just the soup was a special type of English breakfast.

Steve, apparently, had scrambled eggs instead.

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