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Mysterious Light Baffles Netizens

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:

Netizens have been left stumped by a quite incredible (?)cloud pattern that appeared in the California sky on Thursday (IST) near Sacramento.

The pattern, which appeared to emit its own light, clearly resembled a lasso.

People have been tying various things together in an effort to identify what exactly the formation could have been. One theory was that it could have been a rocket launch that was planned for the same time, but it definitely wasn't that because the launch was actually rescheduled.

Another theory is that the spectacle was caused by a meteor. As per US reports, the director of the famous Griffith Observatory in Southern California said that it was a meteorite that may have been as small as a football, but due to it compressing the air around it, it took on another appearance.

Here are some of the other theories: