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UK's 49s Teatime Lottery Results For August 14, 2021: Check Winning Numbers

The UK49s teatime lottery is a daily lottery in the UK and is one of the biggest lotteries in the UK and South Africa. Here are the winning numbers for Aug 14.

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The UK49s teatime lottery is one of the biggest lotteries in the UK and South Africa. The 49s lottery is drawn daily in the UK. The draw for this lottery occurs twice every day. In addition to the UK49s teatime results, there is also a lunchtime lottery draw that happens. The lunchtime lottery takes place at approximately 12:49 pm GMT every day.

UK's 49s Teatime Lottery winning numbers for August 14, 2021

The UK49s teatime results, I e, the winning numbers are announced at 10 pm GMT usually and Check for the UK49s teatime results for the day in some time as they will be updated here. The 49’s lottery timing varies at times. While the lunchtime lottery results time remains constant, the teatime lottery results' time changes. From October to February, the teatime lottery takes place at 4:49 pm. and from February to October, it takes place at 5:49 pm GMT.

UK's 49s Teatime Lottery Previous Winning Numbers

The previous 49s teatime lottery took place on August 13, 2021. The timing of this lottery was 10 pm GMT. The winning numbers of the August 13 lottery were 06,11,25,26,29,45 and the booster number was 18.  We will also share details here of the teatime hot and cold numbers for those interested in knowing. The hottest numbers, or the numbers which have popped up frequently, are 27,49, 45,19,20,3. 

How to play 49s lottery game?

The 49s teatime lottery is similar to many other lotteries out there. For playing the 49s teatime lottery, you need to draw six numbers and one booster number from a lot of 1 to 49 numbers. It completely depends on you whether you want to play a 6 number draw or a 7 number draw. The seven number draw includes a Booster ball that will increase your chances of winning the lottery. You can either choose your own numbers or let the Lucky Dip pick those numbers randomly for you.

Cost of the bet and prize money

The price of each bet (minimum stake) at either lunchtime or teatime is £1. For the 6 number draw, numbers are picked and if one of the picked numbers matches the winning numbers, then the winning prize is £7 and if the same takes place in the 7 number draw, it's £6. For matching 2 winning numbers in the 6 number draw the prize is £54 and for the 7 number draw it is £39.

The winning prize for 3 numbers matching with the winning numbers is £601 for the 6 number draw and for the 7 number draw it's £330. If 4 numbers are matching then the prize is £7,200 in the 6 number draw and in the 7 number draw the winning prize is £3,800. Finally, for a bet that matches 5 numbers of the winning numbers from the 6 number draw, the winning prize is £125,000 and for the 7 number draw, if the same occurs, the winning prize is £40,000.9

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