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Iran: Indian Fruit Trader From Punjab Alleges Abduction, Requests Repatriation To India

A fruit trader from Punjab's Moga has alleged that he was abducted in Iran and was released only after he paid a ransom of Rs 10 lakh. 

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In a shocking development, a fruit trader from Punjab has alleged that he was abducted in Iran and was released only after he paid a ransom of Rs 10 lakh. The fruit trader and his family in Punjab are now requesting the government of India for his earliest repatriation back home to Punjab.

The trader identified as Manjinder Singh Sidhu, an Indian national working in Iran, alleged that he was kidnapped in the middle eastern country and was only left free after he paid his abductees a ransom of Rs 10 lakh. In a video shared by the President of the Indian World Forum (IWF), Puneet Singh Chandhok on his Twitter account, Manjinder Sidhu is seen narrating his ordeal and requesting PM Modi to repatriate him back to India. 

"Manjinder Singh Sidhu, Indian alleges abduction in Iran. Claims to have paid over 10 lakhs to the kidnappers. Received SOS request from him for assistance. He is currently in Tehran & seeking repatriation back home. Requesting PM Narendra Modi Ji, Ministry of External Affairs to investigate & assist him,"  Chandhok said in his post on Twitter.

Indian trader allegedly kidnapped in Iran 

In the video, Sidhu alleged that he was kidnapped from Iran after he came from Qatar for business purposes, further stating that the kidnappers demanded Rs 20 lakh from him. 

"Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji, I am Manjinder Singh Sidhu and I am a resident of the Moga district of Punjab. I came to Iran from Qatar for some business work. I landed in Iran on 22th March this year. After doing some business deal there, some kidnappers abducted me. After this, they demanded a ransom of Rs 20 lakh. But I make them agree on Rs 10 lakh. Then my brother gave this ransom to their man in Dubai through Hawala," Manjinder Sidhu said in a video. Subsequently, he requests PM Modi and the government of India to repatriate him back to his home in Punjab as he has nothing left with him now. Further, the fruit trader also has alleged non-cooperation from the Indian embassy in Tehran. 

Republic Media Network has also accessed Sidhu's email which had been sent to the Indian Embassy in Tehran, seeking help. Meanwhile, the distressed family of Sidhu in Punjab has been requesting the government his repatriation to earliest. Speaking to reporters, his kin said, "I appeal to the government of Punjab to please help us bring our brother back to India. We don't want anything else. We just keep waiting on Wednesday, Friday and each day to receive my brother at home."

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