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Israeli Deputy Envoy Condoles Kerala Woman's Death In Hamas Attack: 'We Were Very Upset'

Israeli Deputy Envoy on Wednesday spoke exclusively to Republic Media Network and condoled the death of the 31-yr-old Kerala nurse, who died in Hamas attack, AP, Twitter- @Idodaniel

After a 31-year-old Indian woman, Soumya Santosh was killed in a rocket attack by Palestinian militants, Israel's Deputy Envoy to India Rony Yedidia Clein on Wednesday evening spoke exclusively to Republic Media Network. Stating that the current situation is very serious in Israel right now, the Deputy Envoy said that over the past few days, hundreds of rockets have been attacking the country. 

The Israeli Deputy Envoy said, “Millions of people had to go into bomb shelters for hours at a time. People are even forced to spend nights in these shelters. We have had 6 people killed in the recent attack, which included one Indian care giver.”

Israel's Deputy Envoy: 'We were very upset'

Remarking that the country is very upset with this incident, Roy Yedidia Clein informed that besides a 31-year-old Indian nurse, 2 Arav Israelis including a father and daughters were also killed. She said that people have been very upset about this because it's a terrible thing. Nobody in Israel wants an escalation of violence, the Deputy Envoy added. On being asked what led to this sudden violence, Rony Yedidia Clein said that in the past few weeks, there have been incidents of violence at the West Bank and Jerusalem, where two Israeli citizens were killed.

She said, "It is all coming from Hamas, which is not happy with the situation on the Palestinian side because they decided that since Palestinian Authority has cancelled their election and for some reasons, Hamas believed that they would have done well in these elections. Therefore, Hamas thought that this is a good time to stir things up on the West Bank, Jerusalem. All this is happening because a terrorist’s organization named Hamas does not want peace with Israel."

Asserting that Hamas is not interested in protecting the Palestinian people in any way, Clein said that instead of spending money on the COVID-19 vaccine for its people, it is spending money on rockets. When asked whether this attack could have been an attempt by Hamas to sabotage Israel's diplomatic relations with other Arab countries including UAE, Israel's Deputy Envoy said, "This can be the possibility. As Hamas now sees that Israel suddenly had good relations, which can be a warning sign to the Palestinian authorities. Hamas does not want Arab countries to have peace with Israel."

Condoling the death of Soumya Santosh, who had been living in Israel for the last 10 years, Clein said, "We were so upset when we heard about this. When we first got the news that it was a foreign caregiver, I had a gut feeling that she was probably Indian.  She had a 9-year-old son. We were very heart broken."

Kerala woman killed in Israel rocket strike

Among all the people who lost their lives in Gaza, a 30-year-old Indian woman Soumya Santosh was also killed in a rocket attack by Palestinian militants. Santosh hailed from Kerala's Idukki district and worked as a caregiver attending to an elderly woman at a house in the southern Israeli coastal city of Ashkelon.

Her family members informed that a rocket fell on the residence of  Soumya in the city of Ashkelon while she was talking to her husband Santhosh, who is in Kerala, over a video call in the evening. As per reports, Soumya was living in Israel for the last seven years. She has a nine-year-old son whom she had left with her husband in Kerala. She was the daughter of former Kanjikuzhy panchayat members Satish and Savithri. 

Soumya's brother-in-law Saji was quoted by PTI saying, "My brother heard a huge sound during the video call. Suddenly the phone got disconnected. Then we immediately contacted fellow Malayalees working there. Thus we came to know about the incident."

Gaza Airstrikes

Israel on Tuesday unleashed new airstrikes on Gaza, flattening a pair of high-rise buildings deemed to be housing Hamas militants. The strikes came as Hamas and other Palestinian fundamentalist groups continued firing hundreds of rockets into the Zionist territory. The conflict has escalated relentlessly.  With dozens of rockets flying into Israel throughout the night, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with top security officials and warned that the fighting could drag on, despite calls for calm from the United States,  Europe, and elsewhere.

(Image:, AP, Twitter- @Idodaniel)

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