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Exclusive | Israeli Diplomats Highlight Changes, Future Plans On First Anniversary Of Abraham Accords

As Israel marks the first year anniversary of the Abraham Accords, the country's foreign ministry spokespersons spoke to Republic in an exclusive interaction.

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As Israel marks the first year anniversary of the Abraham Accords, the country's foreign ministry spokespersons spoke to Republic Media Network in an exclusive interaction. Israel's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lior Haiat remarked that the peace deal was signed to ensure that peace also prevails among the people and not just the governments. The United States brokered peace deal was signed between Israel, UAE, Bahrain, and Morocco along with a deal with Sudan. 

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Meanwhile, Israeli diplomat Eliav Benjamin who also joined the interaction with Republic Media Network stated that the deal was a huge message and a change for the region. Benjamin remarked that the importance of the relations 'go far beyond' Israel-UAE or Israel-Bahrain as it is about the connection with the people, businesses and cultures.

"The fact that we have so much trade going on between Israel and the Gulf directly is perhaps something that would have been unheard of until a year ago," said Eliav Benjamin. 

"The fact that we have so many flights coming to and from between Israel and UAE and soon between Israel and Bahrain is something which will bring tourism and more visits and interactions between people," he added.

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'Hope more countries join the peace deal' 

Speaking about Israel's further plans after the signing of the Abraham Accords, Lior Haiat remarked that Israel always sought peace with its neighbours since its creation in 1948. Haiat has expressed hope that more countries will join the efforts for peace after the signing of the Abraham Accords. The Israeli diplomat informed that his country has already started reaching out to other Arab countries in the region. 

"I do hope that we will sign more agreements this coming year," said Haiat 

Speaking about expanding ties with the countries that signed the deal, Eliav Benjamin remarked that as of now, Israel will mainly focus on maintaining ties with them. In addition, he revealed that Israel is reaching out to other countries in the region on different levels. The Israeli diplomats exuded confidence that other countries will soon join the peace deal bandwagon. 

"This process that started in the 70s is the future of the Middle-east. It is also the future of Israel and its the only way to bring stability to the regions and prosperity to the nations," said Lior Haiat

Abraham Accords and growing relations

When asked about how the deal between Israel and UAE was forged, Eliav Benjamin revealed that the former's Foreign Ministry has been working on it for the last two decades. Benjamin added that the countries were working together in a number of areas like technology combating COVID-19 together, direct flights, and tourism. 

"We were holding talks on many things on working levels and senior levels. We also worked through the digital formats by reaching out to friends, youngsters and older people to form relations," said Benjamin. 

On India's role and connection with the deal 

Speaking on India's role, Eliav Benjamin remarked that India has strong relations with Israel as well as with the United Arab Emirates. Benjamin informed that Israel is working on the 'triangle of relations' between the three countries. He added that there have been many interactions between the Indians and Israelis in the UAE as well as in Bahrain. 

"We formed a triangular chamber of commerce in Dubai between India, Israel and the UAE just a few months ago to understand the potential for the business and economic relations between the three countries," said Benjamin. 

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