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That is so wonderful!: Mother Of 2-month-old Feared Dead In Turkey Quake Found Alive, Gets Reunited With Child

The two-month child was pulled out of tons of rubble and debris in the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria claiming over 50,000 lives.

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Turkey quake

Image: Twitter/@Gerashchenko_en

Citizens all over the world have been moved by the story of a two-month-old baby's amazing survival during the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Turkey in February. 128 hours after the aftermath of the earthquake, the "Hero" infant was found alive under tonnes of wreckage. The toddler's mother who was thought to be dead has been found alive, according to Ukrainian minister Anton Gerashchenko.

'Turns out, the mom is alive!': Senior Ukrainian official

Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko expressed his pleasure and happiness. Taking to Twitter, he said, "You probably remember this picture of the baby who spent 128 hours under rubble after an earthquake in Turkey. It was reported that the baby's mom died. Turns out, the mom is alive! She was treated in a different hospital. After 54 days apart and a DNA test, they are together again," attributing the information to a foreign news agency. 

People from all walks of life celebrated the news and shared their responses on Twitter. One user said, "That is so wonderful!!"

A second user said, "What fantastic news!~ Thank you Lord for bringing them back together!"

A third user said, "restoring faith in the cosmos...a little bit is a lot these days."

The earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria in February this year killed over 50,000 people. Domestic teams continued to search through destroyed structures on Saturday in the hopes of discovering additional people who defied the odds, despite the fact that many international rescue teams had already left the enormous earthquake zone.

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