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Syria: COVID Surge Pushes Hospitals In Damascus, Latakia To Capacity

Amid rise in COVID cases in Syria, hospitals in Damascus and Latakia have reached capacity. The health authorities have started shifting patients from Damascus.


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Amid surge in COVID-19 infections in Syria, the hospital in the various parts of the country have reached its capacity. As per reports, due to the rise in the number of COVID patients getting admitted to the hospital, Syria's capital Damascus and the Latakia province have reached capacity. With this development, the health authorities have now started shifting patients from Damascus, reported Syrian Arab News Agency.

Dr Tawfiq Hasaba, Director of Readiness, Ambulance and Emergency Department at the Health Ministry told Syrian Arab News Agency that due to the rise in hospital admissions, health officials have started shifting patients from Damascus and Latakia. Hasaba added that health authorities are preparing Dummar Hospital to receive COVID patients transferred from hospitals of other regions. He revealed that intensive care units (ICU) for coronavirus patients are full at Damascus and Latakia. 

Health officials informed that the patients from Damascus have been transferred to Homs. Hasaba asserted that health officials are making efforts to overcome the current wave of COVID. Moreover, he noted that no infection has been detected among patients in hospitals who have received the coronavirus vaccine. 

COVID-19: Syria cumulative count and an 'alarming' surge in Idlib

According to the Syrian Health Ministry, as on 27 September, the country reported 393 new COVID cases and nine fatalities due to COVID, reported Syrian Arab News Agency. The overall tally of COVID-19 cases in Syria has reached 32,973, while 23,528 have recovered from the virus. So far, the total number of fatalities reported due to COVID has reached 2,207. 

Last week, there were reports that Idlib in Syria has been witnessing an alarming surge in COVID infections. The COVID cases have more than doubled since the beginning of August in Idlib province which has a population of nearly 4 million, according to The Associated Press. Rescue workers known as the White Helmets have been now taking coronavirus patients to the hospital or the dead to burials. According to AP, hospitals and health centres have been bombed in Idlib before the pandemic and health officials have fled the country seeking better opportunities. 

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