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Afghanistan To Sanction Pakistan? Netizens Slam Proxy War, Trend #SanctionPakistan

From referring to the Taliban as 'civilians' to reportedly sending commandoes to fight the Afghan forces, Pakistan has drawn massive flak from Afghanistan.

Imran Khan

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Pakistan's blatant support for the Taliban is no hidden secret. Afghanistan Foreign Minister Mohammad Haneef Atmar has revealed that the Taliban is colluding with several regional terrorists from Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and other Pakistan-based terror groups to carry out attacks in Afghanistan. From referring to the militant group as 'civilians' to reportedly sending its commandoes to fight the Afghan security forces, Pakistan has drawn massive flak from war-torn Afghanistan for assisting terror on their soil. The alleged involvement of the Imran Khan-led nation has reached a point where Afghanistan authorities, including Vice President Amrullah Saleh, have begun demanding UN sanctions against Pakistan to bring a stop to the violence. 

Netizens react

Joining the call, Afghan netizens on Monday trended #SanctionPakistan asserting that there will be no permanent ceasefire until Pakistan's 'generous support' to radical terrorist groups is brought to a stop. The netizens also requested friendly nations such as India and the USA to support Afghanistan in the war and go global with the trend so that action could be taken against Pakistan-backed bloodshed on Afghan soil.

Afghanistan Vice President's protest against Pakistan

With Afghanistan reeling under war, the country's first Vice President Amrullah Saleh joined a civilian protest against the Taliban and Pakistan last week. While marching on the streets of Kabul, the Vice President slammed Pakistan for its support to the Deobandi Islamist movement and military organization. The former director of the National Directorate of Security, who has always been vocal against Pakistan's support for the Taliban, took to the microblogging site and termed the protest "a historic moment" against Tablian terrorists and their supporters. 

Earlier today, former Canadian politician and diplomat Chris Alexander lashed out at Pakistan's invasion of Afghanistan and said that the country deserved the same response as the disastrous Soviet invasion of 1979. "Pakistan’s invasion of Afghanistan today deserves the same response as the disastrous Soviet invasion of 1979: armed resistance, international condemnation & sweeping sanctions," he said. 

His call was supported by the Afghanistan Vice President who said that the response was 'on the way' and that the nation had just passed out of the 'shock period.'


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