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BIZARRE: Javed Miandad Effectively Tells Pakistani Cricketers To Gag Themselves After Shahid Afridi Humiliates His Own Country

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Published:


  • Javed Miandad advised his fellow cricketers from voicing opinions on politically sensitive issues
  • Miandad disagrees with Afridi's comments

Javed Miandad, Pakistan’s former captain has advised his fellow cricketers against meddling in and voicing opinions on politically fragile issues, to avoid controversies. 

The advice came in the wake of Shahid Afridi’s remarks on the Kashmir conflict and dragging his country down to humiliation with his statements at the House of Commons, London.  

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Commenting on Afridi’s remark wherein he said that Pakistan wasn't even capable of handling its four provinces, let alone Kashmir, Miandad told the media in Karachi, "I would say what Afridi said was not suitable and should have been avoided."  

The Kashmir issue was raised in an international event hosted by UK Member of Parliament Rehman Chishti.

Afridi first said that Kashmir should be left alone and should not belong to Pakistan or India. "I say Pakistan does not want Kashmir, let's not give it to India either. Make Kashmir autonomous, then at least humanity would live," he said

He added, "Pakistan, which can't even control its four provinces... it does not want Kashmir" and repeated, "You don't give it to India, nor does Pakistan want it. But, humanity is a big thing and it pains to see when people are dying, irrespective of what religion they follow." 

Despite many in Pakistan agreeing with him, Afridi later immediately took to Twitter to accuse the Indian media of misquoting him and entirely reformed his stand. 

Through a tweet, he said that the quote was “out of context” and said, “Kashmir is under a brutal Indian occupation.” The cricketer further went on affirming “Kashmir belongs to Pakistan” 

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