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Ex-Pak PM Nawaz Sharif Accuses Top Army Generals Of Threatening To 'smash' Maryam Nawaz

Naming Pakistan Army Generals -Qamar Bajwa, Irfan Malik and Faiz Hamid, ex-Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif has accused them of threatening his daughter Maryam Nawaz

Nawaz Sharif

Once again, lashing out at top Pakistan Army Generals - Qamar Bajwa, Irfan Malik and Faiz Hamid, ex-Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif on Thursday, accused them of threatening his daughter Maryam Nawaz to toe the government's line. He alleged that the recently held trust vote was rigged and those top Army Generals had warned Maryam to vote for Imran Khan government or 'she will be smashed'. Recently, Imran Khan won a trust vote in National Assembly securing 178 votes, after the Opposition boycotted the vote.

Nawaz Sharif: 'How dare you threaten Maryam?'

"After the loss in the Senate elections, the way you helped the selected (Imran Khan) for his trust vote, is that hidden to anyone? The trust vote was a repeat of the 2018 elections, in which the record for rigging was broken. You have fallen to such new lows that first you broke into Maryam Nawaz's hotel door in Karachi and now you are threatening her? You have told her that if she does not fall in line, you will smash her. God will proect her in her battle for democracy. I want to warn those threatening her that if someone does something fishy to her, then Imran Khan, Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa, Gen. Faiz Hamid and Gen. Irfan Malik are responsible," said Sharif.

On Sunday, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) (PML-N) vice president Maryam Nawaz alleged that 16 National Assembly (MNAs) were forced to vote in favour of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan after they resisted and were ‘locked up in a container for four hours’ by secret agencies personnel. She alleged that the PTI government turned the Parliament into a bunker, and government members were assigned to each of the 16 MNAs who had "sold their votes" in the Senate polls to ensure that Imran Khan wins the vote of confidence, as per reports. Imran Khan called a vote of confidence from the parliament after  PTI candidate Abdul Hafeez Sheikh lost the Senate's general seat from Islamabad to PPP candidate Yousaf Raza Gillani.

Pakistan Senate polls

Scoring a big win, the 11-party People's Democratic Movement (PDM)'s Yousuf Raza Gilani defeated PTI's Hafeez Shaikh on the Islamabad general seat. As per Geo TV, Gilani obtained 169 votes, whereas Shaikh got 164. One vote was not cast. With 37 seats up for grabs, PDM has gained control of the upper house with 53 of the 100 member senate. Imran Khan's PTI  has 25 seats, PPP has 21 seats, PML-N has 17 seats, BAP has 13 seats and others have 24 seats, as per the current senate split.

As per reports, PTI has accused Opposition of being involved in illegal activity by using money to gain votes, while the Opposition blamed the ruling PTI for raising the open ballot issue because it is not sure of its lawmakers’ loyalties. Recent video of  Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani's son Ali Haider Gilani allegedly telling the PTI MPAs how to discard votes, has caused a massive scandal, with the govt vowing to probe it. As PTI's  Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh enjoyed the support of 180 MNAs as opposed to Gilani who had 161 MNAs' support, his loss has shaken the weak Imran Khan government.

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