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'If He Is Guilty You Cannot Protect Him And His Corruption': Pak Minister On Imran Khan

After the arrest of Imran Khan on Tuesday, a Pakistan minister addressed the country and its people.

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After the arrest of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday, Pakistan Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal addressed the country and its people. Notably, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has been arrested by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in the Al-Qadir Trust corruption case. After his arrest, PTI workers across the country held protests and called for his release. While addressing the country which has been burning since the arrest of Imran Khan, the minister shared that NAB, an independent body, has arrested Imran Khan and the institution that is supposed to look after the corruption cases in the country.  

Press briefing by Iqbal

While addressing the press conference almost 24 hrs later Imran Khan's arrest, the minister said: "Unfortunately, the supporters have created chaos that has brought shame." Further he added: "Because Imran Khan has been lecturing on the rule of law, and today he and his followers are showing the worst fascist response." While condemning the protests and mayhem created by his supporters, he said: "This is the worst fascism is being shown and spreading anarchy". Further he said: "He has chosen a path of spreading anarchy chaos and destruction in the country only to protect himself from accountability." He asserted: "He himself said that if there will be a case against him he will voluntarily be produced in the court." While sharing details of Imran Khan''s corruption case, he said," £160 million that have been confiscated in the money laundering." He added: "Instead of depositing that money to the national exchequer, he allowed that amount to be deposited in the state bank account to settle the dues of the same person, living in the UK, who was fined £160 million." Further, he compared the same situation with the West where he asked," If such a case happens in the West, then what will their government do? Won't the agencies investigate? 

While sharing the details related to Imran Khan's corruption case, he also shared that the PTI chairman has also threatened the lady judge. Further, he shared examples of the chaos that have been created earlier by his supporters - when security officials were attacked at Imran Khan's residence and the time when he was in the judicial complex of Islamabad. He asserted that Khan has been promoting a ruckus and is on a path of creating chaos in the country. The Pakistan minister has blamed Imran Khan and his party for the unrest in the economically deprived country. For the first time, Pakistan's PM was ousted and removed from the PM's post. Coming back to his case, he again stressed that the move by the PTI chairman has been highly unethical, undemocratic and fascist. Further, he added: "If he's innocent then he should prove it before the court." The security agencies would be presenting their report soon, said the Pakistan official while addressing the Press briefing. Further, he added: "Anyone who acts in a manner that is anti-state, like the members of the PTI, it is not acceptable at all. If he is guilty you cannot protect him and his corruption." 

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