Imran Khan Faces "Go Back" And "Kashmir Banega Hindustan" Cries In PoK

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Imran Khan's rally in Muzaffarabad, capital of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) turned into an embarrassment when the crowd started chanting pro-India slogans

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's rally in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) turned into an embarrassment when the crowd started chanting pro-India slogans. Hundreds of youths standing close to the stage raised their voice against Pakistan leading to their arrests. The Muzaffarabad gathering dubbed as 'Kashmir Solidarity Jalsa' was to 'stand with the people of Kashmir' but ended up alienating its own people with hundreds of youths being arrested for shouting "Kashmir Banega Hindustan(Kashmir will become India)". Essentially, they suggested that PoK should be integrated with India.

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Anti-Imran Khan slogans

In a video accessed by Republic TV, young men could be seen close to the stage expressing their displeasure with the current Pakistani dispensation. They started by asking Khan to go back. "Go Niazi go back" reverberated around the spot with people directing their anger towards Imran and his team. The crowd also looked into the eyes of those chanting anti-India slogans and didn't fear the consequences of standing with India. Facing the stage, placed to its left-hand side, the youths could be seen clapping, thumping and even shouldering to be seen.

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More than 200 protesters arrested

This was a counter to the narrative of none other than the Pakistan PM himself who claimed that the entire area (PoK) was happy to be a part of his country and that they enjoyed more freedom than the Indian side. He said that crowd was a testimony to the fact "how people were angry against India" and would "rise against" it. However, within a few minutes after the protesters gathered and tried to express their anger over the 'all is well' claims, they were detained. It is said that more than two hundred people were arrested by the authorities for speaking against the presence of Pakistan leaders there in the region. 

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Pakistan PM goofs up, yet again

In addition, the rally was full of factual errors and gaffes. For example, PM Khan claimed that the support for Kashmir is "unprecedented" and that he was successful in getting support of "58 countries at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)". The fact remains otherwise as the total membership of the UNHRC is only 47. The rally began at around 4.45 pm Indian Standard Time (IST) with cricketers, singers, and politicians joining Khan who was scheduled to speak alongside his foreign minister as well as ministers from the PoK government. 

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