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Imran Khan Supporters Barge Into Pak Army HQ, Set Lahore Corps Commander's House Ablaze

The infuriated crowd set ablaze the Corps Commander's residence after the arrest of ex-Pak PM Imran Khan on Tuesday.

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Zaini Majeed
Imran Khan


Just hours after former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was detained by Paramilitary Rangers in connection with the Al-Qadir Trust case and treason charges, PTI chief's supporters flooded the streets in a show of defiance against the arrest. Angry citizens, mostly supporters of the ex-Pakistani premier, vandalised the public infrastructure and demanded a nationwide shutdown as they ensued chaos, arson and destruction. The infuriated crowd set ablaze the Corps Commander's residence.

Display plane at entry of mianwali airbase burnt down 

Islamabad Police fires tear gas to disperse crowd

Islamabad police fired tear gas to disperse the huge turnout of the mob that pelted stones at law enforcement. As rumours spread that Khan may be at the NAB Abpara office, scores of people gathered on the premises and were arbitrarily arrested. Section 144 was imposed in the city. Under the Pakistan Penal Code, it prohibits the public from gathering or holding any congregation

Pakistan's Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah asserted that Imran Khan’s arrest was made “in accordance with the law” and that the orders were enacted in accordance with the instructions of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) that has been leading an enquiry into corruption cases involving Khan, his wife Bushra bibi, and other PTI leaders. “NAB is an independent institution and we have never tried to control it,” he told the Islamabad-based press.

The ex-Pakistani leader embezzled money which he deposited in a private trust registered under Khan and his wife’s name. “The money should have been deposited in the national treasury, but went into a property which was registered under Al-Qadir trust,” the minister was reported saying. Islamabad police, meanwhile, released a statement citing Pakistan's Inspector General (IG) Akbar Nasir saying that the PTI chief and his wife funnelled billions of Pakistani rupees from a real estate firm. They legalised a laundered amount of PKR 50 billion. 

Pakistan's military had earlier warned that it does not trust Khan after he hurled claims that a military intelligence official, whom he dubbed "Dirty Harry," from an old Clint Eastwood movie had been plotting to kill him. In a stern-worded statement, Pakistan's military spokesman, Major Gen. Ahmed Sharif had warned Khan against maligning a serving officer. 

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