Pak Parliament: Brawl Erupts, Oppn Raises Chants Against Imran Khan

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In a major embarrassment for Imran Khan govt, Pakistan Parliament broke into a massive scuffle when Pak President Arif Alvi was addressing the joint session.

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In a major embarrassment for Imran Khan government, the Pakistan Parliament broke into a scuffle on Thursday during the joint session. Ministers of the Imran Khan-led PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) government and Opposition leaders broke into a fight, when Pak President Arif Alvi was speaking at the joint session. The visuals show a dramatic fight breaking out between the ministers of both the parties amid Pakistan President's address. As per Pak media, an array of opposition members raised slogans and started protesting as soon as Arif Alvi congratulated the lower house of the parliament on successful completion of its first year under Imran Khan government. Chants and slogans were heard inside the Pakistan Parliament raised by the Ministers of Opposition parties. 

Members of the opposition were heard saying "Go Niazi Go", launching an attack at Imran Khan as soon as Pak President Alvi started his speech.

Watch the video above.

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Pak President's address in Parliament

As per reports, Pakistan President Arif Alvi addressed the joint session in the Parliament of his country to appraise the session on Imran Khan government’s performance in the first year.  As per Pakistan media, Arif Alvi's address was going to face disruption from the Opposition leaders. Pak PM Imran Khan, the chiefs of the navy and air force also attended the joint session, as per Pakistan media report. Amid the anti-government chants from the Oppositions leaders in the Pakistan Parliament, Arif Alvi spoke on the need for a "stable democracy".

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