Pakistan Left Red-faced, Sindhi Congress Exposes Imran At UN Geneva

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Members of the World Sindhi Congress protested against atrocities committed by Pakistani authorities against its citizens and the citizens of Balochistan

Written By Devarshi mankad | Mumbai | Updated On:

The World Sindhi Congress has protested against Pakistan outside United Nations in Geneva where the 42nd session of the United National Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is underway. The protestors called out Pakistan for the various kinds of atrocities and crimes, such as forced conversion, disappearance, abduction of minorities. 

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More protests against Pakistan

The protestors chanted slogans of "Pakistan stop killing Pusthun people, Pakistan stop killing Baloch people, Pakstan stop killing Kashmiri people." The protestors lined up outside the UN building holding placard which read 'Stop Human Rights Violations In Sindh', and 'Stop disappearance of Political activists'. The chants referred to multiple reports of various kinds of crimes committed against the religious minorities in Pakistan and also globally where individuals were being forced to convert to Islam.

The protests were conducted with an aim to bring to light the killings and enforced disappearances of activists in Sindh, Balochistan, and other parts of Pakistan by the state agencies. Many political activists in the country, especially Sindhs have been arrested and in many cases have disappeared for speaking up against these activities. A protestor said, "There are unprecedented human rights atrocities taking place in Sindh and other oppressed regions of Pakistan. They are killing, abducting, and taking away their hope and voices, and therefore we want to bring this voice to the UN and international community"

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Pakistan has come under serious pressure internally and Internationally for various crimes and human rights violations that are taking place in the country against its citizens.

On Monday, large scale protests broke out in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK) over the atrocities and human rights violations. The protestors shouted that the people of PoK were suffering and also said that they had to take shelter in the mountain to protect themselves from intense shelling.

The protestors took to the Human Rights Convention in Geneva because a high-level delegation from both, India and Pakistan will be present and will make statements regarding the development in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The tensions between the two countries have been high since the repeal of Article 370 on August 5.

A statement submitted to the UNHRC read 'Between 1987 and 2017, 1,500 people or more were charged with blasphemy: 730 were Muslims, 501 were Ahmadis, 205 were Christians, and 26 were Hindus. The laws are routinely used to target religious minorities for personal or political motives and result in a violation of fundamental rights'.

Recently, a former Pakistani MLA moved to India on a three-month visa and has recently asked for permanent political asylum in the country. In repeated interviews, he has said that crimes against minorities have been taking place, with Hindu-Sikhs being killed. He further said that because of these reasons, he was forced to leave the country.

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Balochistan seeks independence 

People from Balochistan have also raised the issue of their 'annihilation' by the Pakistani forces at the UNHRC forum previously. They seek independence from Pakistan and have raised the issue of killings and disappearances of thousands of locals.

Earlier this year in March, a senior Balochistan-based activist spoke up about the arbitrary killings by the Pakistani forces for decades. She had said, "appalling human rights violations".  She also said, "the human rights violations of Baloch people must stop and the perpetrators must be brought to justice", and asked UNHRC for an international inquiry to be set up.

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