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Pakistan Medicos Operate By Torchlight At Hospital As Lahore Hit By Major Power Outage

Electricity supply to operating theatres in the Sir Ganga Ram hospital in Lahore, Pakistan remained suspended for a day due to alleged mismanagement.

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Image: Sir Ganga Ram Hospital official website

Alleged mismanagement led to a one-day suspension of electricity supply to the operating theaters at Lahore's Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Pakistan, resulting in significant inconvenience for both doctors and patients, reported Karachi-based Dawn news outlet.

During the incident, doctors were in the midst of performing surgeries and had to resort to using flashlights and alternative methods to carry out the procedures. A video clip depicting surgeons performing an operation under low lighting conditions gained widespread attention on social media.

This occurrence displeased the higher health authorities, prompting them to take notice and request a report from the vice chancellor of Fatima Jinnah Medical University.

In response, a team of senior officers was dispatched to the hospital to conduct a thorough investigation and determine accountability. The department instructed the visiting team to provide a prompt report.

Instances of mismanagement, especially concerning the disruption of electricity supply to prominent government hospitals, persistently remained a concern in Lahore.

Similar incident at Services Hospital in July 

In a previous occurrence, a similar situation unfolded at Services Hospital during the last week of July, where doctors were compelled to conduct surgeries in the absence of electricity.

Pakistan's Punjab Chief Minister Syed Mohsin Naqvi took action based on an inquiry report about the power outage in the operating theater, leading to the suspension of the principal of Services Institute of Medical Sciences and the medical superintendent of Services Hospital.

However, the medical superintendent of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital managed to avoid suspension, unlike the heads of Services Hospital who faced this disciplinary measure.

The 'selective action' taken against only certain institute heads have generated skepticism within the medical community, according to an official.

The official mentioned that during Punjab Chief Minister Naqvi's unexpected visit to Jinnah Hospital, he instructed the removal of the Medical Superintendent (MS) due to minor grievances about cleanliness.

As a result, the health department assigned additional responsibilities to Assistant Medical Superintendent Dr. Yahya Sultan.

Moreover, on Thursday, the Chief Minister also relieved the Medical Superintendent of Lahore General Hospital from their position citing 'poor' performance.

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