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Pakistan Military Says Border Town Shelled By Taliban; Seven Killed In Deadly Attack

Taliban's Ataullah Zaid slammed Pakistan for trying to expand by the construction of new checkpoints on the Afghan side of the border and escalating tension.


IMAGE: AP/Facebook/@Shehbaz Sharif

As many as seven were killed, and sixteen others wounded in a deadly cross-border shelling by Afghan Taliban forces on the Pakistani border town, Pakistan’s military said in a statement. The violence rocked Chaman, the main border crossing for trade between two countries in southwestern Pakistan, as the Taliban launched the attack. Relations between the two neighbouring countries have continued to sour since the American drawdown in August 2021, and Kabul fell to the Taliban. A series of deadly attacks skyrocketed as tensions escalated at an all-time high between the Islamabad and Taliban. Chaman crossing was later reopened after the cessation of hostilities. 

Pakistan constructing new checkpoints on Afghan side: Taliban spox

Pakistani army’s media wing said in an initial statement that there were six dead in the attack, although the death toll later mounted to seven, with at least sixteen injured badly. Pakistan hit out at Taliban, condemning what it termed as the casualties caused due to its “unprovoked and indiscriminate fire” of heavy weapons on civilians. Taliban's spokesman for Kandahar’s governor, Ataullah Zaid, meanwhile slammed Pakistan for trying to expand by construction of new checkpoints on the Afghan side of the border. He linked the clashes between Pakistani and Taliban forces with Islamabad's malicious intentions of advancing into its territory.

Zaid noted that the Pakistani side killed one Taliban man and wounded 10 others in acts of violence provoked by its military. Three civilians were also wounded, he further informed.  Pakistan, on turn, stated that it is in contact with the authorities in the Afghan capital, Kabul, to highlight the incident that took place at the border. On Pakistan's side of the border, Wali Mohammad, told Associaed press that there was a heavy gunfire and exchange of the live rounds that wounded 27 people. The injured were rushed to the hospital. A number of explosions were also heard after the gunfire between the two sides. Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif threatened Afghanistan on Twitter, saying: “The Afghan Interim government should ensure that such incidents are not repeated." The incident is the second since Pakistan's Embassy in Kabul came under gunfire last month. Islamabad accused Taliban officials for the security breach that resulted in the gun attack. 

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