Pakistan Upset With Global "inaction", Threatens Military Conflict

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Pak ministers are now out in public venting their frustration on the global community as its Minister of Defence is upset with the global inaction over Kashmir

Written By Naveen K M | Mumbai | Updated On:

As the attempts to get attention on Kashmir have failed, Pakistan's ministers are now out in public venting their frustration on the global community. The latest on the list is the country's Minister of Defence Pervez Khattak who is upset with the global “inaction” on Kashmir. Addressing a crowd in Nowshera, the in-charge of Pakistan's security blamed the international community for not standing with Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir as they had expected. Despite their ministers crisscrossing the diplomatic globe, nothing came to fruition, leading to the ministers complaining about the responses received.

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Military confrontation between India and Pakistan

The Defence Minister suggested that India and Pakistan could enter into a 'military confrontation' as the world is not taking any action on the Kashmir issue. However, he added that his country does not want a war with India. This is a huge shift in his position with regards to “war with India”. In February 2019, the Minister had claimed how India and Pakistan "could not afford a war” and that his Government would highlight the issue of Kashmir as many “global leaders” were supportive of their stand. By March 2019, the Minister had changed his tone and sounded conciliatory saying that they “do not want war with India” as Pakistan is a “peace-loving country”. For the Minister to change his stance on the entire issue is hardly surprising.

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Contradictory statements by Khattak

While addressing the community in Nowshera, he kept on making contradictory statements. For example, he claimed that the government of Pakistan has “successfully internationalised” the issue of Kashmir and then went on to raise his concerns about the “inaction of the global community”. The lack of clarity in their approach as a result of powerful countries standing with India is not only reflected in the comments of certain leaders but almost all the key Cabinet holders have gripped their isolation. The Minister of Interior Affairs Ijaz Ahmed Shah recently admitted how the Pakistan government has failed to get the support of the International community. Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan had also moaned about the failure to grab the support of the Muslim world as they had “business” interests with India. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Shah Mehmood Qureshi too had asked his people to “not live in fool's paradise” over the Kashmir issue.

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