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Spooked Pakistan Issues Statement On India's Nuclear Triad & Pleads To International Community. Read Here

Written By Ankit Prasad | Mumbai | Published:


  • Pakistan has issued a statement on India completing its nuclear triad
  • A spooked Pakistan has attempted to spin the development before the international community
  • It has countered that it is capable to meet any challenges posed by India

A clearly spooked Pakistan has issued a statement on India completing its nuclear triad with the deterrence patrol by the INS Arihant.

Addressing the media, Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Mohammad Faizal read out a prepared and calibrated statement that gives away that the development has hit home in Pakistan, sending it scurrying for cover.

"We have taken note of the self-congratulatory messages following the first 'deterrence patrol' of the Indian nuclear submarine. This development marks the first actual deployment of ready to fire nuclear warheads in South Asia which is a matter concern not only for the Indian ocean states but for the international community", he said, attempting a spin on the entire deterrence nature of India's nuclear arsenal, as well as the Prime Minister's statement that India's nuclear triad would be a pillar of peace and stability in the region.

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Faizal continued, "Bellicose language used by top Indian leadership highlights threat to strategic stability in South Asia and raises questions regarding responsible nuclear stewardship in India", completely glossing over the fact that one of the first things the new Pakistan Minister of Foreign Affairs did when he took office was issue a nuclear threat to India.

His next statements gave away the fact that Pakistan is looking closely and with trepidation at events in India: "Increased frequency of missile tests by India, aggressive posturing and deployment of nuclear weapons, calls for an assessment of non-proliferation benefits resulting from Indian membership of the MTCR."

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Faizal then attempted to state Pakistan's stand, claiming, "Pakistan is committed to the objective of strategic stability in South Asia and believes the only way forward for both countries is to agree on measures for nuclear and missile restraint", but backed that up with a counter-warning to India, "At the same time, no one should be in doubt about Pakistan's resolve and capabilities to meet the challenges posed by the latest developments both in nuclear and conventional realms."

Pakistan's statement comes days after the crew of the INS Arihant were felicitated by PM Modi for completing a deterrence patrol that established India's nuclear triad -- the ability to use nuclear weapons from the air, land and underwater via submarine.

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