WATCH: Pashtun Leaders To Collect 'hard Evidence' Against Pakistan's Potential Misuse Of US-made F-16 Aircrafts

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After the United States pulled up Pakistan and sought a report on the usage, now Pashtun leaders are demanding a probe on alleged misuse on target on Pashtun community. 

Written By Aishwaria Sonavane | Mumbai | Updated On:

After the United States pulled up Pakistan and sought a report on the usage, now Pashtun leaders are demanding a probe on alleged misuse on target on Pashtun community. 

Pashtun leader based in Kabul, Afghanistan Imtiaz Wazir spoke exclusively to Republic TV called for a proper investigation against Pakistan for using F-16 against Indian military installations by violating the airspace. 

He said, "As far as the misuse of the F-16, I would like  to appreciate what the Americans did for the Indians, if the F-16 has been misused, this has to be properly investigated."  

The Pashtun leader further said that they would too be a participant in collecting 'hard evidence' against Pakistan's misuse of F-16 aircraft agreement against India as well as the Pashtuns. He went on to say that he 'strongly claims' that not one terrorist was killed because of F-16 Aircraft, the purpose with which it was actually procured from the United States.

He said, "If this was misused against India and went against the agreement then this is not just about India, we complained to American and we are preparing ourselves to join them in collecting the hard evidence by the Pashtuns. We will show them the proofs and question them that if you have misused the American government's F-16 to harm and kill Pashtuns, the democratic Pashtuns. If that is not the case, if the F-16 was used to kill and to eradicate state-sponsored terrorism then that is not the case. The F-16 that was given to Pakistan against surveillance. We claim very strongly that not even one terrorist was killed cause of the F-16." 

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The Pashtun leader also extended his condolences for the barbaric Pulwama attack that martyred 40 jawaans expressing solidarity.

He said, "Firstly the tragic incident of Pulwama attacks, we would like to convey our sympathies to the Indian government and Indian citizens and stand along with them in solidarity and unity." 

Terror friendly tendencies have fetched Pakistan flak from three neighbours- India, Iran, and Afghanistan for creating unrest and harbouring terrorist organisations. Even the United States has asked Pakistan to stop providing 'safe haven' to terror outfits. 

Pakistan has repeatedly attempted to deny that its F-16 wasn't shot down by India's MIG-21 Bison - a much older aircraft - piloted by Wing Commander Abhinandan. However, India has provided irrefutable proof of Pak deploying F-16s, discovering a debris component of an AMRAAM missile that had been fired in Pak's attack that can only be fitted into an F-16, as well as by discovering the electronic signature of the F-16 when it made its ingress to Indian airspace on Wednesday. Another narrative by Pakistan, that the missile found by India had really been sold by the US to Taiwan, was similarly dismissed by the Taiwan government.

According to Pentagon's Defense Security and Cooperation Agency (DSCA) F-16 jets were meant to be used to "enhance Pakistan's ability to conduct counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations".

The US is seeking more information on the potential misuse of American-made F-16 fighter jets by Pakistan against India in violation of the end-user agreement, the State Department has said.

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