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22-year-old Coronavirus Patient Shares Her Journey To Raise Awareness

A 22-year-old has taken to social media to share her experience and the anxiety she went through after testing positive for the deadly coronavirus

A 22-year-old's journey after she tested positive for COVID-19

While the globe is tackling the COVID-19 epidemic, a 22-year-old Twitter user Bjonda Haliti has taken to social media to share her experience.  This Twitter user was diagnosed with the deadly virus and was conflicted about sharing her experience on social media. But in the end, she decided that she must write her post so that it could help others with their anxiety and stress.

Her Journey still continues

The novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has claimed more than 11,421 lives across the world and has infected over 2,76,293 people globally since it first broke out in December 2019. Take a look at Bjonda Haliti’s journey.

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Bjonda Haliti has continued to keep herself isolated after her positive diagnosis and has also taken steps to inform all those that she came in contact with so that they take the necessary precautions.

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