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6-foot-tall Poodle Who Behaves Like A Puppy Becomes Internet Sensation

Weighing more than seven stone, the giant two-year-old dog is owned by Craig Pankhurst, 41, resident of Merseyside, who said that he had adopted Rowfl.


A two-year-old Newfoundland poodle named Rowlf has taken the internet by storm for assuming he’s still a pup while unaware of his gigantic 6-foot-tall size. A pet in the Pankhurst family since the summer of 2018, the affectionate dog is an Instagram sensation for his pictures of trying to fit into the owner’s lap and frolicking around like a puppy.  

Weighing more than seven stone, the giant two-year-old dog is owned by Craig Pankhurst, 41, a resident of Merseyside, who reportedly said that he had adopted Rowlf as a therapy dog after he has had a medical emergency. Further, he said, the dog has contributed majorly in the recovery process from since when he was a puppy. In one of the pictures that Craig shared on Instagram, the dog can be seen trying to hug despite his uncontrollable heavyweight. In other pictures, he can be seen lazing around with his siblings, two pitbulls.  


A post shared by Rowlf (@rowlf_official) on


A post shared by Rowlf (@rowlf_official) on

The dog would get to the normal-size dog bed and just sit down on it not aware of his large size, Craig was quoted as saying. He is so much bigger than the other two at homes but acted younger, he added. Further, Craig reportedly said that Rowfl wasn't clumsy but he liked to lay on things especially on a tiny bed trying to adjust as much as he could, he added. Occasionally, Rowlf also attempted to hop up on to everybody’s lap and it was quite amusing when he thought of himself a lapdog, Craig reportedly said.

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Pooch is gentle for his size

Speaking about the nature of the dog, Craig was quoted as saying that the pooch was gentle and surprisingly easy to deal with in the house except when he has his bath and enters the home, it would get messy due to his humongous furs. However, according to media reports, two years ago, Craig suffered a serious stroke aged just 39 that left him unable to walk without a limp. Therefore, the dog helped him develop his walk coordination and strength. 

Rowfl would be fun, energetic, and engaging for a pet, Craig reportedly said. He would be happy to stop and be pampered and play with everyone. He was ultimately bought for recovery and it's gone so well, Craig reportedly added adoring his pet dog. 

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