9/11 Attacks: NASA Space Station Pays Tribute To Firefighters

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After 18 years of the 9/11 attacks, as the world remembered the loss of their loved ones, NASA paid tribute by placing the flag and patch on the space station

Written By Aanchal Nigam | Mumbai | Updated On:
9/11 attacks

On the 18th death anniversary of the fallen heroes in Al-Qaeda bombings, as the world remembered the loss of their loved one, NASA paid tribute by placing the flag and patch on the space station that is currently orbiting the earth. Andrew Morgan, a NASA astronaut, honoured the first line of firefighters in New York who died in their service by placing their patch and flag on the space station that orbits the earth every 90 minutes. Morgan says that they remember the "fallen comrades" and thanked them for their valuable service.

Tribute to the "fallen heroes"

From the space station that has been orbiting the earth for the last 180 days, to the Haka dance by the firefighters of New Zealand, the tribute to the brave souls this year has been carried out with great flair. People took the day as an opportunity to remember their service and to tell the world that they'll 'never forget'. It has been 18 years since the aeroplanes hit the twin towers in New York, and to show the solidarity and strength of firefighters, the New Zealand police officers performed the Haka dance on the street in Houston. The Haka dance is an ancient Maori war dance, in which people come together to scare the opponents foot-stamping, tongue protrusions, and rhythmic body slapping along with a loud chant. 

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Netizens called it "terrific"

The people of the internet loved the tribute by Andrew Morgan and one of them called it "terrific". People also said that his gesture meant a lot to them as it was close to their heart. One twitter user also called them "real bravehearts". Some of the internet users recalled what they were doing as word of the bombings reached them, one them said they were fishing on the lake when the information was flashed on the Television. A twitter user believes that she will "never forget the chaos" but however, real respect will be given when they get to the bottom of the incident that occurred. 

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