9-year-old Student Outraged Over A 'offensive' Math Question

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Salt Lake City, Utah, recently witnessed an unusual incident wherein a school student, Rhythm Pacheco, was appalled over a math question given to her in class

Written By Ruchit Rastogi | Mumbai | Updated On:
9 year old

Salt Lake City, Utah, recently witnessed an unusual incident wherein a 9-year-old school student, Rhythm Pacheco, was appalled over the maths question given to her during a class period. Apparently, the young girl refused to answer the "derogatory" question and in turn wrote a letter to her teacher. 

An 'offensive' Math question

The student from Salt Lake City was given a question that required her to work out the weight between three students and determine how much they weighed amongst each other.

While speaking to a local media outlet, Rhythm stated that after she read the question, she was appalled and called it offensive and refused to work on the question. In addition to this she said that even though it was a math problem, it was completely wrong to compare such a thing. 

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An adorable justification

In order to avoid punishment and to justify her actions, Pacheco wrote a letter to her teacher explaining her reason for refusing to complete the math question. The letter talked about how she did not want to sound rude and the reason behind her not doing the question was because it compared the weights of three different girls. 

The student's mother jumped tp her defense and showed her shocked reaction and further added that it was a very irresponsible and a wrong way to teach 9-year-olds in a school. 

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The question was framed and provided to the students by an organization by the name of Eureka Math. Rhythm also got support from her teacher for not doing the question due to her justified reasons. 

In its defense, Pocheco's school stated that the mere intention of the school was to make their students understand the conversion methods. 

In addition to this, Eureka Math's director, Chad Colby, stated that the question was a mere comparison. He further added that his company had no plans to take down the question from the maths paper.

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A similar incident in Britain 

In a similar incident, students in Britain questioned a math problem in a GCSE paper that asked students about the number of calories a lady had consumed for her morning breakfast as it was an issue for any student in the process of recovering from an eating disorder. 

The organization who conducted the exam stated that they urged everyone who thought the question to be offensive, to contact them through their particular school in order to solve the students' grievances.

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