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A Company Named Covid Inc Exists, It Isn't Associated With Coronavirus

Covid Inc, a company based in Arizona sells cables and other audio-visual equipments around the world. They have no plans to change the name of the company.


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People in the world have heard the name COVID in the year 2020 but a company with this name has been operating since decades. The company has nothing to do with coronavirus, it neither sells the virus nor any medicines related to it. Covid Inc, a company based in Arizona sells cables and other audiovisual equipments around the world. The company which shares their name with the pandemic has no plans to change the name of their company.

Covid company has no connection with coronavirus

Norm Carson, CEO of Covid Inc said that he heard about the deadly virus for the first time while attending a trade show in Amsterdam. He told NPR that he posed for the pictures in front of his company's sign at the trade show but later thought that it might affect the business. He believed that the name would help gain popularity but since the company sells its products through dealers and distributors, the name has not brought much popularity to the company.

Carson said that people who see the company's building often misunderstand and come for the COVID-19 test. The employees of the company explain to the people that their office is not related to the deadly virus, reported NPR. Company officials had thought about naming  Video Company or VidCo but there were many companies with the same name in the market. They then had a contest decades ago and the UPS driver at the time came up with the name Covid instead of Vidco. They then named the company Covid which has now been operating for more than four decades. Many customers have suggested the company to create and come up with new taglines to gain popularity. Although the company shares its name with the pandemic they have no plans to change the name.

IMAGE: debguharoy/Twitter

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