A Toddler Dancing In Adorable Video Is Melting Hearts Worldwide

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A toddler dancing on Jonas brothers' famous song Sucker is winning millions of hearts with her adorable moves. Video has been shared over 26 million times

Written By Aanchal Nigam | Mumbai | Updated On:
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A baby dancing on Jonas brothers' record-breaking song Sucker is winning millions of hearts with her adorable moves. The tiny tod can be seen grooving to the tunes of the famous song while holding fries in her hand. The video, shared by her mother two weeks ago, has been viewed over 26 million times on Facebook. The video even caught attention of celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Frances Fisher, C. Donovan Copeland, and Jonas Brothers, who also shared the video with their fans. 

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The dancing baby

In the video, 14-month-old Ella can be seen sitting on her mother's lap with her giraffe soft toy wearing a white and pink dress. The adorable smile on her face filled everyone with joy as she continued to enjoy the beats.

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Love poured on baby Ella

Ellen DeGeneres promoted the season 17 of her show, “The Ellen Show” on her social media channels by sharing Ella's video. She shared the video to show how excited her target audience is for the upcoming season.

Jonas Brothers also shared the video on their Instagram stories with heart emoticons, acknowledging their youngest fan. However, Instagram stories expire within 24 hours. Frances Fisher, the actress also admitted that she has not stopped watching the baby and also acknowledged baby Ella's mother.  

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The Stranger Things star, C. Donovan Copeland also shared baby Ella's video. 

Ella has surely become an internet sensation with her adorable moves. While it definitely was not the first time that the baby grooved to a number, but seems she has got some amazing fan following this time. 

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