Adventure Couple Take 40,000 Km Road Trip From New Zealand To United Kingdom In Toyota

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Adventure couple Joss Quilty and Romy Romagnoli took a road trip & travelled 40,000 km (about 25,000 miles) across Oceania, Asia and Europe for 10 months

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Adventure couple

A couple living in New Zealand planned a road trip to the United Kingdom as they crossed various countries in between their journey. The adventurous couple Joss Quilty and Romy Romagnoli spent nearly 10 months travelling to the UK. They travelled for at least 40,000 km (about 25,000 miles) across Oceania, Asia and Europe. 

Road Trip in Toyota 

The couple took the road trip in their SUV, 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser. It had to be shipped to Malaysia where the road trip really began. During their journey, the couple travelled through, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Iran before crossing into Europe.  


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Going further they crossed the countries like Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Italy, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and France. Following this, the car had to shipped across the water once again to Thornbury, UK, near Bristol. 


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Challenges on the road 

Reportedly, the couple faced a lot of challenges while travelling to the UK by road. Joss Quilty said that they had a tight budget, so they tried to sleep on the mattress within the vehicle during their journey. The couple also had a very close shave with the Taliban.  

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The couple also recalled the time when they had a man with AK-47 with them in the car. They narrated a story where a woman brought a child out to show the kid the face of the couple as the kid had never seen a white person before. However, even after all the adventures, the couple asserted that the people they met during their journey were very nice.

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