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Afghan President, Rival Abdullah To Reach Power-sharing Agreement: Report

Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani has reached a ‘tentative’ agreement with his rival Abdullah Abdullah of forming a power-sharing government of the country.


Following several disputes during the presidential elections, Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani has reached a ‘tentative’ agreement with his rival Abdullah Abdullah of forming a power-sharing government of the country. According to three sources of an international news agency who are familiar with the situation in the war-stricken country, the discussions over essential posts in the government are still in the process. However, the agreement would be signed by May 17 (local time). According to reports, “overall” both sides have reached a deal that will provide each with 50 per cent share in the Afghan government. 

Moreover, the unidentified sources of the media agency also said that the only remaining constraint is “which ministry should go to whom”. After the polling results in September 2019 had declared Ghani’s win for the second term as the President, Abdullah not only disputed the results but later he went on to form his own parallel government. Abdullah had also undermined Ghani’s cooperation with the United States while the latter was advancing the peace processes with the Taliban in a bid to end a 19-year-long war. 

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Before the September elections, Abdullah had been serving as the ‘chief executive’ in the Afghan government in a power-sharing deal. However, he lost that post after Ghani claimed victory amid other claims of fraud. Since he now self-proclaimed President of the country, he even calls himself so to this day. The international community, on the other hand, only recognises Ghani as the President of Afghanistan. 

The political tiff between two prominent leaders in the country has grown more intense while the country is battling the unprecedented outbreak of deadly coronavirus. Publically, Afghanistan has recorded 6,402 cases of COVID-19 and 168 deaths. However, the critics reportedly believe that the numbers are higher but are not tested due to lack of coronavirus kits in the country. The situation in the country has been worsening and the militant attacks have caused more blow. 

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‘Undivided attention’ to COVID-19

Abdullah had even tweeted that he hopes to finalise the political agreement “at the earliest” so that the politicians can shift their “undivided attention” to the global health crisis. According to international reports, an Afghan official told a media agency that Abdullah has made a multi-pronged proposal to Afghan President. 

Abdullah had said, “We hope to finalize the political agreement at the earliest so that we can pay undivided attention to tackling Covid-19 pandemic, ensuring a just, dignified & lasting peace, & confronting the security & economic challenges in a spirit of national unity & solidarity”.

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