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'Afghan Women Not The Same As Back In 1990s, We Will Resist Taliban', Says Activist Sarabi

Earlier Taliban would beat women up and shut them down, but over the 20 years, women have achieved a lot. They will not stop resisting the Taliban, said Sarabi.


Afghan women are facing the same problem as they did in the 1990s, under the oppressive regime of the Taliban but a lot has changed since and women will not be shut out any longer, said Habiba Sarabi, women activist and former first Governor of Afghanistan. 

Speaking on Republic Media Network's primetime debate with Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, Sarabi said the Taliban were undeserving of a second chance to form a government in Afghanistan as they started to show their true colours within days of seizing control of the nation. 

"Unfortunately some western countries wanted to show that the insurgent group has changed and that if they form a government again, they will not repeat the same mistakes as they did before. But in recent weeks, they have shown their reality and their true nature. The Taliban sold a lie to us," said Sarabi, who was a Peace Negotiation Team Member under the Afghan government. 

She however warned that the women of Afghanistan are not the same as they were in the 1990s. Earlier, the Taliban would beat women up and shut them down, but over the 20 years women have achieved a lot, she said.  

"Over the 20 years, women and the younger generation were educated and trained to fight for justice. They cannot afford to stay at home and do nothing. Women of Afghanistan will not stop resisting the Taliban. They will not be pushed back like they were before. This is not the century where the Taliban can impose their ideas on people," she asserted. 

The activist also noted that during interviews, the Taliban vows to uphold the rights of women under Sharia law but at the same time prohibits women from working and occupying important positions in the administration. 

Afghan women versus Taliban

The woman activist was referring to the fearless protest being led by the hundreds of Afghan women on the streets of Kabul against the Taliban and Pakistan. Massive protests took place outside the Pakistan Embassy in Kabul on Tuesday, where thousands of Afghan civilians including women hit the streets chanting slogans of "Death to Pakistan" and "Azaadi."

Videos shared in local media reports showed hundreds of Afghan men and women chanting slogans against Pakistan and showing placards on the streets of Kabul. The protests then spread to the Balkh province in the north of Afghanistan, where hundreds took to the streets.

The Taliban's Badri force resorted to incessant firing in the air to disperse the huge swarm of people who were demonstrating against Pakistan outside its embassy in Kabul. The Taliban opened fire on protesters gathered near the Presidential Palace in Kabul. The demonstrators were marching towards the Kabul Serena Hotel where the Pakistan ISI DG has been staying since last week. Cracking down on the anti-Pakistan rally, Talibani militants were seen beating up women and thrashing them brutally with sticks to disperse the crowd. 

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