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EXCLUSIVE | Afghanistan Ambassador To Tajikistan Confirms That Pakistan Airforce Bombed Panjshir

In a major statement, Afghanistan Ambassador to Tajikistan confirmed to Republic TV that the Pakistan airforce had bombed the Panjshir Valley. 

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Afghanistan Ambassador to Tajikistan Mohammed Zahir Aghbar spoke exclusively to Republic TV on Friday where he detailed Pakistan's close-knit relationship with the Taliban and how it was important for the international community to unite against the terror group. In an interview with Republic TV's Executive Editor Niranjan Narayanswamy, the Ambassador revealed that Afghanistan's 'caretaker' President Amrullah Saleh is still residing in Panjshir Valley, and hasn't fled the region.

"There is no doubt that large territory is in hands of Taliban but the law is with us. The Taliban is a terrorist group. These terrorist groups are a threat to the world. It is a group that has violated every international law. A lot of Taliban forces have entered Panjshir valley, they have killed innocent civilians there and forcibly made the families flee. But Amrullah Saleh is still in Panjshir. We are in the works of creating national resistance in Afghanistan. You will see action based on my word in a very short amount of time," said Ambassador Mohammed Zahir Aghbar.

Pakistan bombed Panjshir: Ambassador to Tajikistan

In a major statement, Afghanistan Ambassador to Tajikistan confirmed to Republic TV that the Pakistan airforce had bombed the Panjshir Valley. The Ambassador asserted that Pakistan was a hub of training for terrorist groups and the Taliban was no different. He also stated the Taliban had their safe havens and camps in Pakistan.

 "A few days ago, the head of ISI came there (Kabul), it was the truth of our words. The Pakistan Airforce then bombed Panjshir. To give them a loophole, they said Tajikistan sent them support, there is no truth to that," he said.

"The answer (to Pakistan's relationship with Taliban) is like saying that the sun does not exist. All these Taliban members are trained and equipped in Pakistan. In the cabinet, there are no experts, they are just religious  in their point of view and the Foreign Minister of Pakistan congratulated these leaders on their appointment," he added.

Ambassador Mohammed Zahir Aghbar added that while Afghanistan considered the civilians of Pakistan as brothers and sisters, the military politics of Pakistan in regard to Afghanistan is completely wrong. "Unfortunately, people of Pakistan have no involvement, but I hope politicians understand that they can't implement their policies via battle. General Musharaf does not exist anymore, but the politics he played we can see that today," he remarked.

Thanking India for standing by Afghanistan in this time of crisis, the Ambassador said that the country wanted to have a close relationship with the people of India and the government. "I hope the people of India can put pressure to initiate a peace process. We want to have an inclusive government in Afghanistan. This is where we all should be united. I want to thank you and the people of India. The people of Afghanistan truly love the people of India," he concluded.

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