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Afghanistan: Anti-Taliban Protesters Take To Streets In Panjshir After Civilian Killing

Taliban has increased offensive against civilians and former members of security forces since coming to power in Afghanistan, according to a report.

Image: Twitter-@MiraqaPopal

Protests have erupted against the Taliban in Afghanistan after a civilian was allegedly killed in a strike by the terrorist group, which was directed at Northern Resistance Front in Panjshir. According to sources, civilians raised anti-Taliban slogans.

According to reports, the civilian, identified as Mohammad Agha, had no affiliation with the resistance forces or the previous government. The protestors said that they don't want to live in humiliation and asked to Taliban to stop targeting civilians and innocents. 

Taliban has increased offensive against civilians and former members of security forces since coming to power. According to a report from the Human Rights Watch, more than 100 members of ex-security forces have been killed or disappeared in the last three months.

The report also suggested that the Taliban also attacked families of former security force members, Summary killings and enforced disappearance have occurred even after the group announced an amnesty for ex-government civilians and military officials. 

Besides this, Afghanistan is also plunging into one of the worst humanitarian crises since the economic crash post-Taliban's takeover.

Amrullah Saleh says ‘resistance a national need’; alleges Pakistan helping Taliban in Panjshir

Last week, Afghanistan's former Vice President Amrullah Saleh stated that "resistance is a national need" at the moment and slammed Pakistan for helping the Taliban in the fight against resistance forces in Panjshir. He claimed that there are around 200 Special Service Group (SSG) members of Pakistan to mentor Taliban terrorists in Panjshir. 

The National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRFA) had earlier condemned the Taliban's widespread attack on civilians. In September, NRFA claimed that the Taliban deliberated attacked people in the Panjshir Valley.

Earlier this month, the Taliban's seat at the UN was denied by the United Nations Accreditation Committee and the decision was applauded by Saleh. "The Afghan seat in the UN stays with the legitimate & constitutionally mandated representatives of the  Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. We applaud & welcome this decision of the UN's credentials committee & see it as a step for healing the massive wounds inflicted upon the Afghan people through forceful take over of the country by a violent, extremist & proxy group Taliban," he said.

(Image: Twitter-@MiraqaPopal)

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