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Afghanistan: Russia Asks Afghan Resistance Front To Resolve Internal Conflict With Taliban

Russian foreign ministry has asked the Afghan resistance front against the Taliban, led by Ahmad Masoud and Amrullah Saleh in Afghanistan to start a dialogue.


Image: Twitter/ Amrullah Saleh/ANI

As the Taliban intensifies its attack on Panjshir, resulting in instability in the already war-torn country, the Russian Foreign Ministry has asked the Resistance Front to start a dialogue in order to solve their internal conflict, reported Khaama Press.

Notably, a resistance was formed at Panjshir in Afghanistan after the Taliban ousted the democratic government and formed an all-men administration in Kabul. Currently, the resistance force is led by former acting Minister of Defense of Afghanistan, Ahmad Masoud and "Acting President" Amrullah Saleh.

Meanwhile, Maria Zakharova, spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry while stressing over the current situation of Afghanistan, called on all the political and ethnic groups to refrain from provoking internal conflicts in the war-torn country.

On Wednesday, Russia based envoy asked them to look for ways to restore peace and stability on its soil, according to Khaama Press. While expressing her concern over the spread of instability in Afghanistan to the region, she reiterated Afghan Resistance Front leaders to discuss their grievances with the extremist group.

Notably, this comes at a time when the leader of the Resistance Front was seen in Tajikistan, who was believed to be there to seek help and raise money for the anti-Taliban front, according to the news agency. On the other hand, Masoud maintained his stand and said the resistance group would never bow in front of the Taliban for the sake of "God, justice and freedom". 

It is worth mentioning that the Resistance Front in Panjshir had also vowed to declare a parallel government in Afghanistan even as the Taliban announced its "caretaker government" in the country. However, the resistance could not last long.

Saleh appeals to UN for humanitarian aid to deal with Afghan conflict

Earlier in September, the residents of Panjshir valley appealed to the United Nations for humanitarian aid. The letter, released by the office of 'caretaker' Afghan President Amrullah Saleh highlighted the economic blockade by the Taliban disallowing electricity and telecommunication.

Estimating 2,50,000 residents stuck in Panjshir including people who migrated to the Valley after the fall of Kabul, Saleh said that genocide, mass starvation may occur if the world does not pay attention. Explaining that the displaced people are currently staying in mosques, schools, health centres, he added that they were in desperate need of food, shelter, water, sanitation, health care.

Appealing to the international communities - the United Nations, Red Cross, Red Crescent and other NGOs, Saleh urged them to rapidly respond to the overwhelming humanitarian crisis. Moreover, he urged the international community to prevent the Taliban's onslaught on Panjshir and negotiate a political solution to stave off human casualties.

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Image: Twitter/ Amrullah Saleh/ANI

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