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Afghanistan: Targeted Killings Continue In Kabul, Taliban Kills 4 Former Afghan Officers

The Taliban has been conducting door-to-door searches looking for any former Afghan officers amid the ongoing resistance movement against the terrorist group.

Credits: AP

According to a recent development from Afghanistan, four former Afghan army officers were killed by the Taliban as targeted killings continue in Kabul. The officers were killed at their homes during the early hours on Tuesday. 

Afghan Army officers killed in Kabul

As reported by Republic TV, the former Afghan army officers were killed by the terrorist group as incidents of resistance grow in Afghanistan. The Taliban is also going from door-to-door looking for those protesting against the terrorist group. As a result, the four officers were killed at their homes in the last 24 hours. The incident took place in the Karte Naw neighbourhood in Kabul which was earlier taken over by the Taliban. Earlier, several Afghan civilians as well as former military officers joined hands with the Northern Alliance and started protesting against the Taliban in different regions.

Taliban brutality in Afghanistan

As per ground reports from Afghanistan, door-to-door searching is being conducted. The Talibs have started attacking former Afghan military soldiers or anyone associated with the Afghan Army with the motive of instilling fear among the people. Horrifying visuals from Afghanistan have surfaced showing the Talibs storming into the houses of the civilians and threatening them. They were also seen barging into the security agencies in Kabul followed by the seizing of military vehicles. Furthermore, reports suggest that the Taliban terrorists are also manhandling the Afghan citizens making it very obvious for those associated with the previous government to become easy targets. 

Ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, people have been trying to flee the country fearing the brutality of the terrorist group. Several countries including India, the United States, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Pakistan, and many more are carrying out evacuation operations in Kabul.

(Image Credits: AP)

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