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After Mehul Choksi-Barbara WhatsApps Go Viral, Wife Priti Choksi Claims 'fabricated chats'

Priti Choksi also asserted that her husband had no reason to leave Antigua & Barbuda, stating that Barbara had come with 'Hindi movie and Bollywood dialogues'.


Fugitive diamond merchant Mehul Choksi's wife Priti Choksi spoke exclusively to Republic TV on Wednesday where she strongly denied the chats between her husband and 'mystery woman' Barbara Jarabica labeling them as 'fabricated.' Denying all claims made by Barbara, Priti Choksi asserted that Mehul was a 'well-known citizen in Antigua' and did not need to hide under an alias 'Raj' as was claimed by the former. Additionally, she claimed that chats between her husband and Barbara were 'fabricated', questioning why Barbara had been silent all this while.

"If they can stage-manage this kind of kidnapping event, it is very easy for them to stage-manage these WhatsApps. Who do you know has been writing this? Where has she been for the last two weeks?" questioned Mehul Choksi's wife Priti Choksi.

Priti Choksi also asserted that her husband had no reason to leave Antigua & Barbuda, stating that Barbara had come with 'Hindi movie and Bollywood dialogues' out of nowhere. 

Barbara Jarabica & Mehul Choksi's texts accessed

In an exclusive interview with Republic Media Network's Executive Editor Niranjan Narayanswamy on Tuesday, 'mystery woman' Barbara claimed that Mehul Choksi was known to the people of Antigua and Barbuda as 'Raj' and that she suspected that no one was aware of his personal information or background. Barbara alleged that Choksi would contact her frequently from different numbers every time and that the two had last met on May 23 when he booked breakfast for the two. 

Further, Barbara Jarabica said that they used to enjoy evening walks in the Jolly Harbour area visit the beaches. While she initially detailed her association with Choksi, as 'business, COVID and other topics' after they met in August 2020, she confessed that they started becoming closer in April 2021.

The mystery woman also claimed that Mehul Choksi had started to like her more in May and had even allegedly told her that she was his 'soulmate' and that the age difference between them would not act as a barrier in their friendship. However, Barbara Jarabica has maintained that she was not Mehul Choksi's girlfriend and refuted reports that suggested so.

Republic TV has also accessed WhatsApp chats between 'Raj' (allegedly Mehul Choksi) and Barbara. A chat between them reads: 

Raj: Pls pls comeback for me you r the most fun to have on this beautiful island.fasting has completed yesterday. will share secret of a magic. I experienced will share in a day or two. On a sad note, not happy what's happening in India. it's probably a most miserable moment in a century. May god get her out of this soon. 

Raj: Anything I could do for you pls do let me know always. Let's get over with this distance once for all. 

Barbara: Ahhh it's been a busy week.. But productive :) Sorry for the late reoky. I will text you tomorrow properly. 

Barbara: Yes, It's a terrible year, very sad. Praying for everyone. 

Barbara: Hope all is well in your side though. Once I'm in Budapest I can call you properly. And yes, please share the secret of a magic, I'm curious, looking forward to hearing it. 

Owner of Gitanjali jewelers, Choksi along with his nephew Nirav Modi is accused of leading the PNB scam duping the Punjab National Bank of Rs 13,500 crore and siphoning off the money using letters of undertaking. India has been formally pursuing Mehul Choksi's extradition since August 2018.

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