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Alone On Valentine's Day? This Filipino Town Is Offering Triple Pay To Single Govt Workers

For singletons, Valentine’s Day might just be one of the loneliest and unhappiest days of the year. However, this isn’t the case in a town in the Philippines.


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For singletons, Valentine’s Day might just be one of the loneliest and unhappiest days of the year. However, this isn’t the case in a Filipino town, where the mayor has decided to offer single staff extra money. According to local news outlet PhilSTARLife, employees who are romantically single in Quezon town will be entitled to triple pay on February 14, thanks to Mayor Matt Florido, who has been a bachelor throughout the entirety of his life.

People entitled to the bonus include those government workers in the town who have been single for over five years. The announcement, which came as good news for the single folks of  Quezon, was made by the mayor on February 6 on Facebook. "Earlier at the flag ceremony, we formally announced that this coming Valentine's Day, all employees who have been single since birth and those who have not been married for five years will receive triple pay," the mayor wrote in Filipino.

"Meanwhile, singles can choose between double pay (when they enter on Feb. 14) or leave with pay on Feb. 13 they will avail so they can enjoy the long weekend,” he added. He also said that people interested in receiving the bonus need to submit their application to the Human Resource Management Office or the Mayor’s Office.

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"Honesty is important," he emphasized, revealing that all the submitted applications will be reviewed by a “special committee.” The most surprising aspect of the deal is that the extra money will be given to employees from Florido’s own pocket, and not from the government.

Meanwhile, celebrations have begun all around the world on the occasion of Valentine's Day. To mark the "most romantic day of the year," search engine giant Google rolled out with a heartwarming doodle displaying a pink window with animated droplets creating a heart. 

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