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'Jerry In My Room!' This Arab Man Telling Hotel He Found A Rat Leaves Netizens In Splits

A viral video doing rounds on social media, a man is seen using character reference from Tom & Jerry Show in a very hilarious manner to describe his situation.

Arab man

The infamous and unforgettable animated show Tom and Jerry was a favourite for all of us growing up. In a viral video doing rounds on social media, a man is seen using the character reference from the show in a very hilarious manner. The man in the video is heard explaining his real-life situation using Tom and Jerry to the hotel front desk. Netizens all around the world are having a good laugh and reacting to the video with witty comments.

According to the tweet, the man calling is an Arab man who has apparently spotted a mouse in his hotel room. So to convey this message to the hotel authorities, he called the reception and told them there was Jerry in his room.

In the video, the man can be heard explaining to the receptionist that his English is not good. He then asks him, "Do you know Tom and Jerry?" to which the receptionist replies with "yes". And then the Arab man says, "Jerry is in my room". To which at first, the receptionist sounds confused, but then quickly understands that the man is talking about a mouse. Then the man asks the receptionist "Please bring Tom along". To which the receptionist responded, "We don’t have Tom in the hotel."

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Netizens react

The video has managed to garner over 3.7 million views after it was shared on Twitter. Netizens have had a great time laughing hard over this video.

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